Hanna Adler - Biography

    In mid-life many of us start asking ourselves questions like “Who am I ?” and “This was it ?”. So did I in my mid-40's. Ten years ago I had left my native Finland and my identity as a professional, a veterinarian. That was what and who I had been. Now I was my husband’s wife moving around the world without a real purpose in life. And I had this funny feeling that I wanted to create something with my hands.


What a wonderful journey I am on !

   That was the start of a great passion that after two years of basic drawing moved to watercolor painting and that just keeps on growing. I am so incredibly fortunate to have found a second big passion in my life, the first being animals. And through this new found passion I also found a new identity: I am an Artist. I call this my second life and it is at least as exciting as the first one.

    I am a member of quite many art associations because I enjoy the company of fellow artists sharing the same passion and I so much appreciate the advice and guidance I get from other artists. Very early in my art career I started entering my paintings in local art shows and to my big surprise started to get recognition and awards. In 2010 I got accepted in my first national watercolor exhibition, the Watercolor West. My joy was doubled in 2011 and tripled in 2012 when I received my signature membership in the Watercolor West.

   Since I have never had any formal art education, I have taken classes from wonderful and very skilled local artists to whom I am deeply grateful: Fealing Lin, Melanie Phillips, Karen Clark, Juliana Balog and Gayle Blomberg.

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